About ME

Who am I?

The last time I ask this question? I try to search my name “Thanawut Rattanadon” on search engine such as Google. I got this :

Yeah, that is, I’m Thanawut Rattanadon, good to know that isn’t it, at least the search engine still know that who I am, me myself, not so sure much about that!
Okay, I don’t think that is what you actually want to know, so here my (some kind of) resume

Personal details
Name: Tanawut Rattanadon
Birthdate : 28-AUG-1978
Gender : Male
Academic Study :
2004-Bachelor of Engineering Program in Computer Engineering from Prince of Songkla University
2007-Bachelor of Education Program in Educational Technology and Communications from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
2009-Master of Education Program in Educational Administration from Mahasarakham University

You can contact me via e-mail: riddlesphinx@hotmail.com or Facebook page at

Bandu Saharatvitthaya School

  1. นู๋เอก

    English is fun 🙂

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